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  • Suncoast Digital Press, Inc.

    “I struggled to write my book for a long time. The trouble with other programs I found is that you are assumed to already be a good writer, or that your primary goal is to become one. Barbara's system has a marketing approach, and my goal of leveraging my book to get paid speaking gigs was achieved before my book was even released.”



About Barbara Dee

Barbara Dee is President of Suncoast Digital Press, Inc., and founder of Archer Inspired Learning. Her experience spans decades as an entrepreneur and published author with over nine years in the book publishing business.

As a Master Certified Coach, Barbara Dee has helped hundreds of professionals and business owners maximize their success in all areas of life. As a business coach, she discovered that becoming a “published author” is the fastest, most effective way to gain instant credibility, build your personal brand, and vastly expand your influence. This discovery gave Barbara the confidence to write You Should Write a Book! (published in 2013) and pursue her passion for helping others to plan, write, and publish their own book.

Barbara Dee recently returned to live near where she was born and raised in Central Florida. There she enjoys her passions of writing, reading, fishing, and kayaking—often on the same outing.


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